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Sherubling Higher Secondary School is located on the slope of a mountain at a height of 2187m between Loushong and Euling village covering exactly 17 acres of land. Situated on the slope facing the south, one can visibly get a glimpse of the serene snow-capped Black Mountain range and the aerial view of the magnificent Trongsa Choetse Dzong. It is one of the oldest schools in Bhutan.


 Development since its establishment

The school was first established in June1959 at Churathang where the dzong security cottage stands today. It was on the first and the second floor of a three storied Bhutanese structure building that the first modern education began in Trongsa. The school then was named as Trongsa Junior Secondary School.It started as a day school until 1970’s when it became a full-fledged boarding school.

In 1959, Mr. SangayTshering from Hungrel, ParoDzongkhag was the first head master and as well the only teacher at the time of its establishment. The Admission register of the time reflected 53 students as its initial enrollment in 1959. Students were taught Hindi, English and Arithmetic in Hindi medium initially. But by 1961, the medium was changed to English. The classes ranged from LKG up to the Eighth Standard.

In 1961, the school was at Chokhorling near Ta Dzong, the headmaster was joined by two more teachers: Mr. L.M Sanguth from Kalimpong and late LopenZeko from TrongsaDratshang. Both boys and girls were enrolled in the school.

In 1963, the school was shifted to Thruepang and by 1964 it was shifted to the hospital ward, which still stands visible beside the present football ground. The old hospital structure now has been merged with the present Trongsa Primary School.

By 1967, with the increasing number of students, the construction of 13 classrooms academic cum administrative block began and was completed by 1969.This being the current location of the school.

The school got its present name as‘Sherubling’fromLate lam NorbuWangchuk and late LopenZeko. The name was formally approved in 2003 by Education Division.

By 1999, the school was upgraded from Lower Secondary to Middle Secondary after the introduction of class nine during the tenure of Mr.TashiGyeltshen as the Head Master

In 2005, it got upgraded to Higher Secondary School with 445 students.

On 1st June, 2009, the school celebrated its Golden Jubilee. The occasion was graced by alumnus of the school, Dasho Dr. Jagar Dorji and some other distinguished guests.

From 2010 academic session, CE program was also provided to the out of youth and in service civil servant.

From 2016, the school was amalgamated with its sister school, Trongsa Pry School, to function as a central school.


Sherubling Higher Secondary thus underwent a series of change in its physical structure as well as its system under the dynamic leadership of many leaders. Today it stands out as one of the pioneers in the education system in building future citizens infused with moral values   with the continuous efforts of the faculty members.

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