November 6, 2015 7:11 PM

School Profile

Sherubling Higher Secondary School is located on the slope of a mountain at a height of 2187 meters between Loushong and Euling villages about 2 kilometers from Trongsa town. The school was established in June 1959 and it is one of the oldest school in Bhutan.

The school was initially named as Trongsa Junior School and upgraded to middle secondary school in 1999. In 2005, it got upgraded to higher secondary school. The school celebrated it's Golden Jublee on 1st June 2009 which was graced by alumnus of the school Dsho Dr. Jagar Dorji and some distinguished guest.

On a clear day one can see the formidable snow capped Black Mountain range and the beautiful interlocking spur of Mangde chhu valley, though the river itself is not visible. From the school one can also have a good aerial view of the magnificent Trongsa Choetse Dzong while Ta Dzong can be viewed at the straight line.

A Message From The Principal
The year 2013, is remarkably an unprecedented year in the history of Sherubling Higher Secondary School.  For decades, songs (hardworks and initiatives) of the songsters who dwelled and are dwelling, perching and soaring, were generally unsung and unheard, due to lack of technology.
This year, the school and its people stand uniquely from it’s annals of history as it moves forward with the pace of technology advancement. The recent initiatives of the staff have linked this small community with the world, with the installation of Wi-Fi services, for which, we shall also remain grateful to the Dzongkhag Administration for their support in bringing our school at par with most of the schools within and beyond the boundaries.
Academic initiatives are underway, giving priorities to initiate good practices which are in line with the philosophy of Gross National Happiness to aid learners become academically and intellectually green. Co-curridular activities are meaningfully incorporated to aid students become environmentally, socially, culturally, spiritually, aesthetically and above all morally green citizens of tomorrow.
The launch of our school’s website is yet one of the many initiatives of the school, the beginning. Each member of the teaching fraternity and the learners commit to grow and progress positively in making our school a happy school, as we believe, we can make a difference in our own small ways.


Ngyarsel Day

"Old is gold." With the modern era creeping in, youth had to be reminded of the past. with objectives to make our young to realize and appreciate the charming past of ours, the school instituted a day, Ngyarsel day on Tuesdays. It's a day when we recall our values, escalate their beauties and blend them with the changing time of our youth at school.

It's charm is in what we think and do, not what we do and think. Wearing Kabney and Rachu, though mandated, we wear ours with pride not withstanding the harsh weathers. It's on this very day that our Dzongkha Lopoens seize the opportunity to show their expertise in building and molding our future that makes values our own ways.